Hey guys I'm Kristina :)

I created this new Blog just for fun and to share my pics.
I'm 20 years old and was born in Berlin (Germany) , but 2 years ago me and my family removed.My English is not perfect but i try my best ;)
Now I'm working in a secretary office, I like any kind of sports, dancing, fishing and surfing.
And i loooove good food :D
Always i look for new exciting adventures and I think I'm very receptive for new experiences und for a new way of fun.
Lately I'm looking for a new man (Boyfriend or lover, who nows?) but I'm not very fortunated with that.I'm not very ambititious about a perfect man, I'm just looking for person giving me good emotions.I hate negative persons.Just keep smiling boy ;)
Yesterday I subscribed on a very good datingwebpage.There you can see more pics from me.If you are not to scared you should write me a PM.If you are nice maybe wie hook up together ;D

Here is the link to my profile

KLICK-Kristinas Account

My Name on this page is CuteKristinaXX

So go ahead und check it out bro'! :D

PS: I live in